Wait…you what?

I made the comment recently that my disability is a part of my identity, but I certainly don’t find my identity in my disability.  That is still completely true, but as I was skimming through my past posts, I realized that’s not what it seems like. So I wanted to write a post that’s a bit different than my usual “what life is like now,” to try and let everyone in with a few “little known things” about Sam Schroth. Plus there are some things I’ve been meaning to tell everyone (and something my Mom told me I better tell everyone) and this seems like a good a way as any. So….onward….

1. I can draw (ish). Now I’m not an artist by any means of the word, but I do enjoy and have some talent at pencil drawings. I had to put the “ish” qualifier in there though because I can’t just “free hand” draw something. I draw by taking a picture, splitting it into squares and drawing what I see in each of those squares. I’ve always been a visual person with a keen eye for patterns and that’s exactly what this is.


Now I have drawn more then just dogs, but the only picture I still have that I’ve drawn for myself is of Walt Disney and that happens to be downstairs and shockingly, stairs and I don’t interact very often.

2. This one is the “Mom says so” fact. I watch the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera on an almost daily basis. Goodness, I can’t believe I’m admitting this…Mom would have the show on at lunch while I was out at Craig and it drove me bonkers. I would spend the entire half hour making fun of how ridiculous it was and melodramatically acting out all of the ridiculous love scenes (because let’s face it, they are ridiculous). Then I got home aaannnd started watching it. Geez, I feel like an old woman admitting that….

3. This one is the “Sam thinks she should say so” fact and I guess it’s a hard one to decide where to start. Ummm, I’ve spent a lot of time since the end of November/early December thinking about my plans for life. It was around then that I had submitted my application to go for my Masters in Vet Med and do research. Yet, the more I think about it, the less sure I am of that path. Although I had thought of doing research before my injury, the research I wanted to do was very field based, on farm kind of stuff. Now, simply because I can’t walk, that research isn’t an option. The kind of things I can do now are very lab and computer based. It’s important work, yes, but not the kind of work I really want to do.

So, since early December I’ve been very seriously considering medical school to become a practitioner and then specializing in spinal cord injury medicine. Uh, yea…I actually already have all the prerequisite courses I would need for med school completed with a very competitive GPA. Umm yea, that was a God thing. All I would need to do is take my MCAT which is basically like the ACT on steroids. I plan to take it at the end of March, so I’ve started studying.leo

However, Mr. Leopold seems to think that MCAT means I should be studying him. Little nut….The only bad part about all of this testing nonsense is how much I’ve realized I’m enjoying studying. It’s honestly a little sickening, but there’s just so much awesome stuff out there! *End nerd moment*

I plan to keep my Masters application in the system as I work towards “officially” deciding what route I want to take. It’s hard to change your plans so drastically and I’ve lost a lot of sleep in the midst of it all. I mean, I’ve put so much work and effort since middle school into building an impressive resume revolving around the world of vet sci. But now, everything is so different. I will always love my sheep and cows, but the impact I can have on that world is very different than what it used to be.

Now the things I’m extremely passionate about revolve around the new world I find myself in. They revolve around teaching others about this new life and helping those who find themselves in a position like mine.

I pray God makes it clear to me what He wants me to do. But you know, whenever I do pray that, I wonder if God’s up there saying, “Seriously human? A dead tree fell on you, what more do you want?!”

So that’s me.

P.S. If you need any reading material, I’m sure Mom will let you borrow her favorite magazine…
IMG_0202Okay, I’m just being a pain. I don’t even think she reads this, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw it come in the mail.

I’m so gonna be disowned..

I love you Mom!

9 thoughts on “Wait…you what?

  1. Jeanne LaMoore says:

    Oh my! I love your voice as a writer. Once again, you’ve made me laugh and smile. You are so amazing! Whatever you decide to do, you’ll do it extremely well. Blessings to you as you figure out your new future. Love always, Jeanne.

  2. Jackie Dorow says:

    You will never cease to amaze me. Your desire to “study” is what you are all about. It will always be a part of you!! If you decide to do med school, there will be no stopping you. I have every confidence that you can do whatever you choose to do.,

  3. missmegara says:

    I really like your blog, Sam! I think Med school would be an awesome choice for you – you have the perfect personality for a practitioner. Just be sure to do whatever you think will make you happiest in the years to come!

  4. Jill Case Brown says:

    Sam, my husband’s physiatrist is in a wheelchair. He’s also in charge of the hospital’s inpatient rehab floor. It’s so great to go to a doctor who really gets it! Very motivating to people whose injuries are new and who are wondering what kind of life they can have. Go for it!

  5. lifefromgrace says:

    First of all, Sam, you are a fantastic writer, I really enjoy reading your posts because they have such personality! Secondly, have you considered becoming a Physicians Assistant? I only ask because I was considering med school as well, but now I’ve decided on PA school for various reasons. In the past most PA’s have been working in a primary care setting, but I’ve noticed many more specialty clinics hiring PA’s, even nervous system/spinal cord centers. Anyways, good luck with whatever you choose! God has certainly blessed you already and he will continue to provide in the future!

  6. Dolores Griffiths says:

    Hi Sam – your plan to enter the medical field sound fantastic. You can do it. By the way — we watch the Bold and the Beautiful every day too. I know its nuts, but its addictive. Bob and I have been married 12 years, and he is the one who hooked me on this. Just doesn’t seem like it would be his cup of tea, but so it is.

  7. shirley kieckhafer says:

    Sam you are out of this world, love reading your post. God changed your path for a reason, it will come to you. I have always loved art, but can not even think of drawing as well as you.
    I can see you doing so many thing in life and wish you the best. you will be the person that helps change the world for the better.

  8. Katie Rickert says:

    Hi Sam, Love reading your post. God has bless you with many talents. The way you can express yourself is another talent (wish I could express myself like you). The medical field would totally benefit if you go in that direction. You can inspire others and give others the desire to keep going.
    “When God closes one doors He opens another”

  9. Mike Paltzer says:

    Sam, your outlook and spirit never ceases to amaze me. We have missed you around GMS lately, the snow, cold, sleepless nights (and apparently the soap opera) must be part of that. Hope to see you soon.

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