Knowledge = Force x Velocity

Before I forget, here is the link to the speech I gave at the benefit ( I only say a few super stupid things, so that’s a good thing:D Thank God for small miracles! Alright..

So happy spring everyone! How awesome is that:) I don’t think I’ve ever been this stoked for the end of a season and the start of another one. I mean, winter was lovely and all, but it really can be a pain in the booty (and I can’t even feel my booty…) Plus, spring means a lot of awesome things, it means warmer weather, rain instead of snow, and lambing season, yeay lambs! I actually was able to visit a friends farm late last week with the family to see their little ones, and it rocked. But I don’t know what rocked more, seeing those adorable little fuzzy dudes or seeing Mom strut her stuff and take my wheelchair through a massive puddle of a parking lot in Milwaukee to get the mud and sheep-ness off of my chair….


Now I want the record to show, for once it wasn’t my idea to go out and get all muddy and messy, this one is totally on Mom, but I’m so very glad we did. I mean, if not, I wouldn’t have been able to capture those precious memories posted above. I’m pretty lucky she (still) puts up with me and all my antics…

I seriously adore lambing season. Sheep became a passion of mine in high school and that only escalated as I attended college at the U of MN to pursue a degree in animal science. I learned a ton of things during my undergraduate career. I can tell you more than you’d probably ever want to know about animal reproduction,  I can evaluate an animal for its carcass merit (reasonably accurately too might I add) and I can still tell you most of the molecules that make up the process of glycolysis. Yet, some things you learn in life could never come from a university.

It’s amazing all that I’ve learned since this has happened. It’s like my eyes were opened to a whole other world I was previously blind to, a whole other world that I’m now a part of.

I mean, did you know that it’s estimated there are 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injuries in the United States every year? I never even thought of an SCI prior to this…

There’s just so much out there that we simply don’t know until we’re taught or it’s stuck right in front of our face (or I guess lands on us…) I think that’s how it is with disabilities and living with one, there is simply so much you don’t know until you’ve been blessed to learn it.

Now, not everything is easy to learn, like a prognosis you weren’t ready to hear or how to do a task that’s now necessary for your health that you would much rather live without. But even those tidbits of “less desirable” knowledge are still important.

But you know what really matters about all of that? Its what you choose to do with that knowledge.

They say knowledge is power, but if you ask me, knowledge is only power if it’s actually plugged in somewhere and used. If its talked about and shared in some way, some shape, or some form. What good is an unplugged refrigerator besides a place for my sister’s crazy cat to stare at his reflection? What good are the lessons and things you’ve learned in your life if you aren’t willing to share them to teach another?

What good is knowledge if it’s not taught and re-taught.

P.S. Force x velocity actually equals power in the physics world…I’m by no means a physics buff (like the last thing on the planet from one) but I take my MCAT this weekend (AHHHH!) and I’ve been stuck studying physics to prepare…gross

2 thoughts on “Knowledge = Force x Velocity

  1. Jayne says:

    reading this late. Hope your test went well. I thinks the benefit concert at Hortonville music dept. is an awesome idea, too.

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