Practice, practice, practice

So I haven’t died, I’ve just been really busy and kind of fell off the blog-o-sphere. But if you’ve met me in person, I rarely stay quiet for long. So hmmm, I’m gonna spend a bit of time playing catch up on Sam’s life-ness.

I had my first biff backwards in my chair a week ago which is exciting. Well, I guess Mom probably wouldn’t say it was exciting, but I’m no longer a falling-backwards virgin so that’s something. Okay, that doesn’t sound very good but I think you get my gist. It was kind of a comical situation and I’ve learned that I’m the queen of freak accidents. So Danielle and I were home alone, just hanging out watching another epic episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (I may have a bit of an addiction). I was totally behaving myself, meaning I wasn’t screwing around and hanging out in a wheelie; I was literally just sitting there, all four wheels on the floor. I decided I wanted to get something to snack on in the kitchen so I started to back up and Mr. Leopold just happened to be screwing around under my chair and I totally ran over his tail. He freaked out, so I freaked out and pushed forward really fast while he shot out from underneath me and that combo of me pushing forward and him flying backward sent me right over.

It all happened super fast until I got to the moment where I knew I was done for and as the world started to move in slow-mo, all I could do was think, “Huh, this is really happening. I’m totally gonna fall over. Oh! Chin to chest. Chin to chest!” Danielle was a bit worried, asked if I was okay but then said we better take a picture and text it to Mom who was gone at a class reunion. So yep, the moment has even been forever solidified in pixels. For the record, Leopold was back on my lap in under two minutes. That cat may have some serious issues.


I’m pretty sure my favorite part of the whole ordeal was once I was all re-situated and upright and Danielle goes, “you know, I’m super proud of myself, I was really mature for that whole thing.” Yea Danielle, especially when you said we needed to take a picture. You’re basically the epitome of mature:)

Also in the news, my racing chair came! Tah-dahhh! Aint she a beauty?! All that epic fluorescent lime green, you’ll see me coming, that’s for sure.


It’s quite the experience getting in and out of it, I mean, it is literally made just for me so it’s measured that my hips fit really snug. Add to that that I have to sit on my massively long legs that don’t always cooperate and you’ve got yourself a bit of a challenge. Once I’m in, then it’s getting positioning all figured out so I get the most out of my strokes. I would certainly describe that as a mixture of coach experience and a lot of trial and error. I even have the remnants of some pretty epic bruises from smacking my long arms on my fenders to prove it. Then it’s learning the actual stroke technique; it’s way different then pushing in my manual chair. Then it’s learning how to actually maneuver the awesome sucker, popping wheelies to do tight curves, using a mixture of the steering column and compensator, and making adjustments by throwing my shoulders one way or the other. Needless to say, it’s a lot to take in.

I can be really awesome to learn new things. Learning how to ride a bike, learning how to drive, all that cool stuff. But man, sometimes it can be a little on the trying side. I mean, imagine being able to do something you really enjoy with out any help, progressing into more and more “advanced” aspects of the activity, but then in a split second, you’re back at page one. Heck, you’re back at the door to even go into the library to find the book with the page one that you used to be way passed. Yea, that’s why it can be a bit on the trying side.

It’s strange and kind of hard when I sit and focus on the differences between running then and running now. The places I could run, my ability/the ease of which I could maneuver where I run, and just my ability to run. I had actually finished my first half-marathon the month before I was injured and was even signed up to run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN the summer of my injury. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to get myself and my racer to just go where the heck I want it to go.


Yet, like anything, I guess you have to start somewhere. I sure didn’t start by running a half marathon, but trained up to it as my “stress relief” during the craziness of college. My first time getting into my racer was anything but pretty, but a few more in’s and out’s has made a crazy impact and I can tell I’m improving already. Not to mention, I’m already way quicker in my racer than I was as a runner and I’m still a super newbie. Really, the challenge of figuring this all out has actually brought me way more entertainment than I expected.

Getting good at something really does take practice and practice isn’t always fun, but you push forward for the practice that is fun.
The practice that feels good both during and after.
The practice that reminds you why you wanted to do something so crazy in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice

  1. Kathy Shipstad says:

    You certainly have a great attitude – you are not waiting for life to come to you – you are getting out there and enjoying life. Good for you!!

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