Just Wait

So there’s this story that I feel like I’ve heard or have referenced myself a bajillion times throughout my life. It’s nothing crazy or embarrassing, just something we, as a family, chuckle and shake our heads at. Of course it’s about Mom..

Apparently Mom wasn’t the most patient of children. I couldn’t really tell you the extent of this impatience beyond the now-classic story I was referring to in the beginning. I guess Mom didn’t have enough patience to wait for the toast to finish toasting and would attempt to fish it out with a fork. Needless to say, Grandma recognized the need for growth in this area and she set to work. Mom was quickly enrolled in the knitting project in 4-H as well as the dog project to attempt to improve said lack of this quality. If you ask me, I think it worked. Exhibit 1: She raised three of us crazy kids. Exhibit 2: She still puts up with me on a daily basis when there are days I don’t even want to put up with myself.

Ironically enough, I was enrolled in the knitting project myself as a 4-Her and I loved every minute of it. I’ve made some pretty crazy things (see below) but it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed.


Tadahhh! A tiny knit pig.

I (like Mom) was also in the dog project and did the whole dog training song and dance in not just obedience, but showmanship and agility too.

So what’s my point? I always thought I had the whole patience thing figured out. I mean, I’ve even spent countless hours working with sheep, which although are wonderful and beautiful creatures, they aren’t very forgiving or trusting.  I was also Community Advisor in college and let me tell you, working with some individuals was certainly trying. I have patience.

I have to have patience.


Maybe not.

I guess I’ve always lived life go-go-go. To an extent, I still am. I mean, I’m traveling for Ms. Wheelchair America, I’m volunteering every so often, I’m working, I’m training, I’m going to school, I’m spending more time in God’s word, but there are still days. There are still days I’m not content with where I’m at. I’m not content with what I’m doing. I’m not content with this “stall” in my life. In the life I’m living now compared to the one that I had so perfectly planned out for myself.

But maybe that’s just it. Maybe this is God attempting to improve my obvious lack of patience. Maybe God’s up in heaven going, “Seriously woman? A dead tree fell on you…would you just stop and calm down for a bit?” I kind of have this strange feeling that’s the lesson I should be learning.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

It’s a challenging lesson to learn; actually I’m pretty sure its challenging even admitting it’s a lesson you need to learn. I mean it’s hard to wait for things; waiting for a promotion at work, waiting for someone to say their sorry, waiting to make some new friendships in a place you haven’t lived for awhile. Waiting is rough.  Waiting….is really rough.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:6

But you know, I feel like it all goes back to that one all-encompassing word. Trust. Trusting there is indeed a purpose behind the wait. It sure isn’t always fun, but I know and I can trust that God has a plan for this “stall” time in my life. Trusting I’m exactly where I should be right now and where God wants/needs me to be.

Patience is a wonderful thing, a trying thing, but a wonderful thing. I’m working on it, well trying to work on patiently waiting and enjoying these “stall” moments God has blessed me with. I went to a local park today armed with a camera to do just that.


So my life doesn’t look the way I had planned it to look and I definitely don’t have the patience I thought I had.

But I do have a God who has blessed me with time.
Time to learn, time to grow, and time to wait.
And THAT is a blessing no one should take lightly.

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