It’s Over?

Alright, so before I officially start I have some news I need to get off my chest. News that if you aren’t a local and have been following my lovely little blog here, you will certainly be able to appreciate. But first, a back story…

I grew up in a house different than the one I currently reside. It was across the road from our farm with the milking cow herd and all the sheds that housed goodness knows what kind of necessary farm machinery. We moved out and our old farm house was burned down and that land has since been an empty piece of “prairie.” It appears it may no longer sit empty.

They want to put a Costco there.
Yep, I’ll just let that sink in for a little while.

They’re going to put a COSTCO where MY MOTHER used to LIVE. Wow….If you don’t believe me, you can read this article in the Post Crescent. I’m telling you, God seriously has a sense of humor.

Alright, back to the goods….(That is, if I can stop chuckling to myself. I mean just think how much gas we’re going to save not having to run to Green Bay! But I digress…)

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and your celebrations were warm and wonderful. I know, that feels like so long ago doesn’t it? At least it sure does to me. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and no, not because of the food. Awe, who am I kidding, that’s one of the reasons it’s my favorite. I just really love the atmosphere that surrounds Thanksgiving. I’ve always been a big “atmosphere” kind of person. I love soaking in my surroundings, like the warm cozy feeling of a coffee shop on a cold winter day with your hands wrapped around a warm mug of some delicious beverage. Sigh.


The atmosphere of Thanksgiving is simply intoxicating. The warmth of a home from all the cooking and the delicious scents meandering through the air (yea, okay, food is totally apart of it). The gentle buzz of familiar conversation and the rustling of Black Friday advertisements. That beautiful feeling of love and thankfulness.

Yet, for as much as I love Thanksgiving, it’s kind of a frustrating holiday. But I need to clarify, it’s not frustrating for the reasons you are likely to be thinking. I’m serious when I say I have so much to be thankful for and I love that there is a day to remind me of that. What’s frustrating is when Thanksgiving is over.

Have you ever thought about that? What happens when the clock strikes 12 and we all continue on with our jobs and lives? What happens to that thankful heart and gracious thoughts in the following days or weeks? Why do we “forget” to rejoice and give thanks when there isn’t a massive turkey on the table? It’s kind of sad right?

In my mind, being thankful should never be reserved for just one day. And now, I feel only that much more passionate about that. I mean, people ask me a lot if I could go back and change things from my past in regards to my injury, would I. You know, I wouldn’t ever change my injury, but I would change how I was living my life the days, weeks, months, and even years prior to it.

I’d spend a lot more time giving thanks. Giving thanks for all those “little” things that are actually really big things. Those little things like putting pants on standing up. Those little things like wearing cute mittens that don’t get covered in snow and salt gunk when you’re moving around outside. Those little things like getting stuff from the second shelf of the  kitchen cupboard (yea, we put things in the cupboard to prevent my sister’s naughty cat from getting them and then I have the same problem….)

Rejoice always, pray continually, GIVE THANKS in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

You know, this happened to me and I know I still don’t give thanks for all of the things I really should.
But here’s to trying.
Here’s to living each day like it’s Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “It’s Over?

  1. Kathy Shipstad says:

    You crack me up! Costco story is hilarious! Unbelievable! I agree with your thoughts on Thanksgiving whole heartedly! Your writing is fabulous! Happy Holidays!

  2. Karen Dickrell says:

    just curious…does the Costco build mean your family has guaranteed toilet paper for life???!! Seriously, thank you for excellent reminder of life and being thankful all that we have. (Even Costco toilet paper!)

  3. Katie Rickert says:

    I’m so excited “Costco” is coming to town:) Sam, you have a wonderful way of putting your thought into words. I am thankful for your inspiring blogs.

  4. Jayne says:

    Thanks for the give thanks reminder Sam. I do an attitude of gratitude section of my nightly prayers and think of 3 things from that day that I am grateful for. Usually they are little things but it forces me to think about my day and not take anything for granted. Like last night was a car that starts, warm winter coats that I have 3 off and some people have none and our family love of sports so that I still get to watch my nephew play basketball now that he’s in high school.It is the little things as you say. Stay Warm and love the indoor bike you now have.

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