Possibly Impossible

Look at that, here we are, smack in the middle of the 2014 holiday season. If you ask me, the middle is the best part of something (generally speaking).  You’re not dealing with the stress of something starting or the bittersweet ending. Just think about sleeping, that oddly comforting feeling you have if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night (thanks to a stupid, yet ridiculously adorable cat). Even though you’re awake now, you can just roll over and go back into peaceful unconscious bliss. What about an Oreo? I mean if you don’t lick off the creme center first, you basically aren’t human. I guess I should probably point out I am the middle child, but I promise that has no bearing on my opinion that the middle is the best….ha, yea….riiiiight (Note: you have to say that like Kronk does in The Emperor’s New Groove for the full effect, and if you haven’t seen that movie, you better get on that)

I don’t know about you, but I had a wonderful Christmas. It’s always great to have both siblings home and their remarkably entertaining cats. Add to that Mother Dearest, Fatherton, the two dogs, the fact that I’m a “wide load” (which I mean in the best sense) and well, it’s impressive that our house is still in one happy piece. Just for kicks and because I enjoy taking pictures, here’s a little Schroth holiday montage for your viewing pleasure:D


Way too much fun, now onto New Years and that whole New Years Resolution tradition. To be completely honest, I’ve never officially made a New Years Resolution. I don’t know, I guess in my mind it feels really flippant to just do something because everyone else is doing it. Not that resolutions are bad, I think they’re great and they can be really beneficial for some people. So if you’re someone that they work for, more power to you, you go and rock your 2015 resolution! I guess I’m just a bit of a rebel, so I can’t do something everyone else is doing. Yea, that’s gotten me into trouble more times than I count (#problemchild).

I do something a little different, I have what I call “My Impossible List” that’s more of a long-term, ongoing deal. But truthfully, I forgot I had an impossible list until I was cleaning out my documents on my computer and came across that lovely little list. I think it’s always fun to find something from “long ago” and all the memories from that time come rushing back in one big tsunami. It really wasn’t from that long ago, meaning it was something I wrote in the fall of 2013, but with everything that has happened it feels almost like a lifetime.

“My Impossible List” is simply a bucket list. At one point in time, it bothered me when I would say, “Oh, that’s totally on my bucket list” but then I’d forget about said activity a few hours later like a distracted goldfish. So I decided to actually write those bucket list items down and not call it a bucket list (again with the being different thing).

It was really cool to go through and even cross off some things. Things like brew my own wine and run a half marathon (for the record, the picture below was at like, mile 6, so that’s probably why I look so joyous…).

Get in Gear Half Marathon-St Paul, MN
Get in Gear Half Marathon-St Paul, MN

For as fun as it was, I would be lying to say it wasn’t a bit difficult at the very same time. There are certainly things on that list that I really can’t do anymore that if I’m being totally truthful with myself, I would still love to do. Things like “climb a mountain.”  Things like “work as a barista.” I could list more but regardless of how many things I list, the point will always remain that my life is different now. The things I can do are different and the things I do are done differently than before. It’s just a whole lot of a “different” to handle. It’s a lot of “different” to have to figure out how to handle.

I started deleting things from that list, only to get more and more depressed with each tap of the backspace key. I guess you could say I’m not and probably never will be ready to “let go” of those things; those past dreams, goals, and aspirations. So I decided to start over.

To start fresh.

In many ways, I’m pretty sure my life has started over, so why not start “My Impossible List” over too. After all, there is a pretty clear defining line of “pre-paralysis” and “post-paralysis.”

Attend an adaptive yoga class

I think it’s good to hold yourself accountable for things, to set goals or make note of “things you want to do” and every so often, be reminded of them. Life gets so crazy busy sometimes and it’s so unpredictable, how else do you keep track of the fun “me” things.

Write a book

With something called “My Impossible List,” I do feel like I need to clarify something. Now, I don’t plan on telling you everything that is on my list because somethings are a bit “strange-ish” and I don’t want everyone to think I’ve completely lost it. For example, something that was on my list before and has remained on my list is own a pet duck. I’m convinced that would be the greatest thing ever. If you don’t believe me, watch this video and you’ll understand. Maybe I could be a foster Mom for a duck! Sorry, ducks are distracting, what was my point….Oh clarifying!

Walking isn’t on my list.

While it would great if God blessed me in that way and I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier that would make my life, I’m dead serious when I say that ability really isn’t that important to me. I can’t do everything but I can do some pretty amazing things. And you know, that’s what really matters.

Qualify for Boston

Why should I focus on those “cannots”? Why should I get upset over the “wanted“? It just seems like a pretty big waste of time in my mind. Time that I would much rather spend with Mom at Costco (yea, now that’s saying something…)

In life, sometimes you get what you give.
But more often than not, you get way more than you bargain for.
So why not put all that extra to good use?

Why not live for the impossible.

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