Sharin’ is Carin’

The end of summer is supposed to be busy right? Well, if not…mine sure has been.

I guess I’ve been a part of two pretty big “life moments” within the past two weeks. Granted, they were very different kinds of life events so they’re going to be talked about in separate blog posts. You’ll understand why they should be kept separate once I post them (and that’s all I’m going to say about that:D)

Event Number 1: My older sis is no longer a Miss.

Yep, I commented about my older sister getting married in my last post and now that event is a thing of the past. No longer is she getting married, but she IS married.


I’m one of three girls, the middle child to be exact and this was the first official marriage of the family. Lindsey (the younger sis) and I were both co-maids of honors so we did a bit of a childhood flashback when we donned our “twin outfits” and stood up in the wedding. Side note, I never realized how often “standing” or other walking related jargon is used to mean something in the English language until it wasn’t apart of my daily activities. It doesn’t bother me, I just find it comical. For example, high-fives from me are more like chest-fives, but that sounds a bit awkward so I’m just gonna stick with high five…

It was a beautiful day, a pretty hot day, but a beautiful one. The ceremony was wonderful, the reception was gorgeous, the groom was stunning and the bride, well, the bride was breath-taking. Danielle (the older sis) has always been beautiful, but oh my goodness. Before the ceremony we were all sitting in the bridal room waiting as the guests filed in and I seriously couldn’t stop staring at her. She was just so stunning!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m thrilled to report that everything went off without a hitch. To be honest, there really wasn’t even that much stress the day of which is always exciting. I mean, that way you get to actually enjoy the day that so much time and energy was spent planning! But that’s the thing, you spend so much time planning and preparing for the day of, as a bystander, you kind of forget what comes after. Well, at least I forgot about what comes after. Let’s just say I went on facebook a few days post-wedding and it kinda hit me in full frontal form when I saw “Danielle” followed by her new married name, instead of the last name we’ve shared as siblings for the past 23 years.

It’s kind of a strange feeling and an event that brings about a mountain of emotions that aren’t always the easiest or even the clearest to sort through.

I’m so happy for Danielle and her new husband and I pray their marriage is as beautiful and God-centered as the day that celebrated it. They’re relationship has the cutest story, with Danielle having met Bryant (her man) in college and basically developed an “Insta-Crush” way back then. They didn’t officially start dating until a few weeks after my injury- -I’m pretty sure Bryant had actually planned on asking Danielle out the day I was injured, but in typical Sam fashion, I kind of threw a wrench in that plan. Throughout their dating days, Danielle never really believed Bryant would be ready to “settle down” and ask the question anytime soon. There are even  stories of Danielle saying she didn’t think Mom would be able to keep it a secret if and when Bryant asked permission…literally 3 days after he asked. Guess you gotta give Mom some credit! Danielle had even convinced herself she was going to be a crazy cat lady if things didn’t work out with Bryant…but clearly, things worked out. They worked out and I’m SO happy and I’m SO thankful my sister has found a man that cares for her and that she is SO excited to spend the rest of her life loving.

Yet, from my perspective, it’s bittersweet. I guess like a lot of big things in life.

It’s a bit of the tug on the heart strings when you realize you are now the oldest unmarried sister. It tugs when you think about the logistics of Christmas card picture planning this year. It tugs when her time spent at home are now “visits” and “stop-by’s”, not “stays.” It tugs when you realize you don’t share that same last name any longer.

As hard and maybe even unwelcome as each of those tugs are, I think each and every tug speaks mountains. Those tugs go to show a little bit about sisterly love, even in the midst of a “new” romantic love. They show that sharing a name is just a small part of what makes us three girls sisters. They show a care and concern that isn’t going to be lost just because of a white dress and a journey down a church aisle. They show that even though our lives do change, some things never will.

Danielle will always be a crazy cat lady–now she’s just a married one.
Danielle will always be stunning–even without a whole barrage of make-up and hair people to assist.
Danielle will always be the older sister.

The older sister who teaches band.
The older sister that makes jokes that cause Mom to question how and why she can teach young children.
The older sister I’m proud to have had for a role model (even when it got me in trouble *cough Lindsey and the VCR cough*)

The older sister I’ll ALWAYS love.

One thought on “Sharin’ is Carin’

  1. meye1822 says:

    Congrats on being a sister-in- law! I love reading your blog! You are such an amzing role model for me especially in your faith life even though we haven’t talked in so long! You put it so greatly into words…those tugs and sisterly bond! Hope life is treating you well!

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