First Quarter

A day is a day is a day. After all, they’re 24 hours long regardless of if it’s December 1st or June 1st. Yet, some days seem to pass faster than others. Some days are good days and some are less than good. Some days we fear (Friday the 13th anyone?) and some we celebrate for any number of reasons.

In my world, today happens to be of the “celebratory” kind since I am now another year older. Yea, there certainly is some truth to the “time sure flies when you’re having fun” phrase. I have officially survived a whole quarter of a century and have reached one of the last big “now you can” milestones — that milestone being… now you can rent a car. Yippee.

You know, it’s kind of interesting how as you get older it becomes less of the norm to say how old you are. It’s almost as if you should be embarrassed by the fact that you’ve actually experienced the world, that you’re not as naive as you once were, and that you’ve made mistakes and managed to survive them. At 25 years old, I have no issue sharing my age, but I wonder if that’ll ever change.


My epic race crew. 

I was in Orlando, Florida last week with my little sister and Mom (Dad had no interest in joining us and my older sister was busy pretending to be a grown-up. Read: She was working). We went to the warm climate of Florida so I could cross off one of my “Impossible List” items (which is basically a bucket list). Said item to cross off – participate in a race in Disney World. I was all signed up and ready to race in the 20th Anniversary Half Marathon and go figure, there was a thunderstorm that day and the race got cancelled for safety reasons because of the lightning. Whoops.

It was a bit less than ideal, but I definitely appreciate the decision to keep so many people safe. I say “so many” because there were 17,000+ people that participated in the marathon race the following day. Yea….talk about the need for a lot of deodorant. But seriously, even though it was disappointing, I had plenty of other things to do and see that it truly wasn’t that big of a deal. 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I wasn’t kidding about all the fun things to do and see…

When you’re in Disney World, it’s an unwritten rule that you have to take the time to meet some of your favorite Disney characters. Not only do they take great pictures (I mean really, when’s the last time you saw an unflattering picture of Mickey Mouse), but some of them even bestow a bit of their Disney wisdom on you.

I was watching Gaston (from the Beauty and the Beast) interact with some other guests and couldn’t help but chuckle at his egotistical ways and smug grins as he flexed his muscles and winked at all the pretty ladies going past. I’m pretty sure the last guests for the evening were the best ones – two little boys with more energy than they knew what to do with, one of which had a few questions for Gaston.

“Do you really eat 5 dozen eggs?!” the little boy exclaimed, practically jumping up into the air. “Well yes, yes I do.” Gaston replied with a smirk as he turned to face the boy. “And do you eat the egg shells?” He questioned, slightly astonished while his littler brother began running in circles around Gaston. “Of course! That’s the only way to do it with my superior metabolism.” Gaston responded, bringing his hands to rest on his muscular waist. “I have one more,” goes the boy as the little brother continues his circular paths around Gaston, “how old are you?”

“That’s a great question young man. I’m the perfect age. You see, I’m perfect.  So every year, no matter how old I am – I’m the perfect age, because I’m perfect.”

It was a pretty fitting response and I was highly impressed with Gaston’s abilities to think on his feet. The boy seemed to accept the answer and once his little brother stopped doing circles they were off and on their way to get into who knows what else.

Sure, the logic isn’t flawless, but Gaston makes a good point that I think we sometimes need to remind ourselves of. It’s easy to long for one’s past years “when things were so much easier” or look to the future “when everything will be better.” Rarely do we, or I guess, rarely do I look at my current age as being “perfect.”

You know, it’s pretty remarkable all the things I’ve been able to do and learn in such a short time period. Yet, 25 years isn’t exactly short – I mean, for me right now, it’s a lifetime. It’s a lifetime that encompasses a lot of mistakes, obstacles, and memories.

Unlike Gaston, I’m certainly not perfect.
But I plan to remember that I am the perfect age.
I’m the perfect age to keep growing, to keep making mistakes, and to keep learning.

Here’s to year 25 🙂

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