Status Updated.

August 1st already. Gee wiz, that’s pretty nuts. Time can be so fickle, sometimes just barely dragging along then moments later racing forward at the speed of light. But of course that isn’t literally the case — a minute today is the same length as a minute last week, but goodness it rarely feels that way.

So what have my minutes been consisting of as of late? What in the world is going on with my medical school plans? Am I actually in school yet? What am I even doing with my life? Yea, that last question may or may not cross my mind more often than I should admit depending upon the company I find myself surrounded by or the situation I’m in….

I’ve mentioned before that for my program I do lab rotations to help figure out where I’m ultimately going to complete my PhD. I completed my third rotation at the end of June, went on a pretty cool retreat with all the other MSTP students that weekend, and have been on “chill time” ever since. It was remarkably good planning on my part (don’t ask me how I managed it) and have been able to take the past few weeks to enjoy a Chicago summer while simultaneously getting all those little “life” things (like doctors appointments and insurance fun) straightened out.

It was quite the experience to have that much time without pressing obligations of any sort. No speeches or presentations to give. No things to study for. Nothing that really REALLY needed to get done. It was certainly enjoyable, but I’ve come to realize I’m one of those weird people who enjoys life more when I have lots of stuff to do (which will likely be the case in very short order).

On the list of ways I’ve passed the time: becoming acquainted with little Ms. Ingrid Mae. She is now 13 weeks old and has definitely come into a personality that is all her own. We have quite a few similarities, mostly that we are both exhaustingly independent and will do what we want when we want, regardless of what someone says or tries to convince us otherwise. However we do have our differences, especially when it comes to our energy level at 11pm when someone spends at least 30 minutes running around the apartment like she’s on fire while the other individual pulls the covers over her head and lets out an exasperated sigh. Needless to say, there have been multiple conversations, errr monologues, about how it’s a good thing she’s cute.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.20.57 PM.png

My cousin Phillip officially made his move to Chicago two(ish) weeks ago, so it’s been fun having a genetically related person so close by to get into trouble with. I’m only kind of joking about the “getting into trouble with” part since we’ve already had “Uh, seriously Sam?!” adventures. As is most things in my life, the excursion wasn’t meant to be an adventure but because I was involved, it quickly became one.


Chicago Park District does this cool thing in the summer where they show movies downtown at Grant Park on a massive projection screen (Grant Park is right by the infamous touristy bean that everyone takes pictures by). Phillip and I decided we were going to go to one of said movies and would meet up at the park to grab seats and do the whole picnic song and dance. I decided to take the L there (the elevated subway system), checked the elevator status at my stops (All good to go!) and made it downtown to the Loop. Phillip happened to be on the same train and just happened to spot me as I was making my way to the elevator. He accompanied me as we approached the door only to find a lovely red “Out of Order” sticker. Normally when this happens, I’ll just take the train another stop south and get off but the next stop didn’t have an elevator and the stop after that said the elevator was also out of order. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place — or maybe just underground in the subway system.

It was at this moment in time with Phillip giving me a rather obvious “Crap, now what brainiac?” look that I recalled seeing pictures of a few Paralympians using escalators (thank you Instagram) when they were traveling and found themselves in similar situations. Now, I’d never actually seen it done and I am not an elite athlete with years of experience and wheelchair knowledge, so obviously it was the perfect solution (*shakes head*). Regardless, I got on that escalator and we made it – checkmark. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Side note: I have zero intention of riding on escalators unless I absolutely have no other option… but at least now I know I can. Thanks Phillip 🙂

20170728_162957.jpgWith the above Chicago exploits in the bag (and naturally, countless others) I headed home back to the good ole dairy state for a week with the fam. Although I’ve seen my family, I hadn’t actually been back to Wisconsin since Easter and my time at home just happened to coincide with the county fair (again, don’t ask me how I managed to work that out). So naturally said time was filled with fair projects, fried cheese, adorable sheep, chickens with crazy hair, and a whole lot of laughter. Mom, Lindsey (the little sis), and I all entered some things in open class so there was a bit of friendly competition with a side of teamwork on some “there is no way you’re going to finish that…” projects.

It was literally the perfect end to an epic summer.
Wait, what? END? —- Yea.

Tomorrow everything really and truly, 100% officially, starts.
Tomorrow is my first day of medical school.
My first day with all of my fellow M1 classmates starting on this 8-10 year adventure to earn an MD PhD degree.

So it’s been fun summer. It’s been fun free-time filled July.
But I’m hours away from starting a whole new kind of fun, and I’m pretty pumped.

6 thoughts on “ Status Updated.

  1. Jayne says:

    Way to go Sam. Sorry I missed ya at the fair. Best of luck in Med school. Prayers sent and I’ll tell my Sunday school kids. Had to spend 4 days in a wheelchair with torn meniscus. Whole new appreciation for you and others.

  2. Janice Ingalls says:

    Sam, you are amazing! I just read your post to my granddaughter (16 years old) to prove to her anyone can accomplish anything if they set their heart and mind to it. What an inspiration you are!

    Best of luck with Medical School. I know you’ll be busy, but, try to post once in a while so your fans know how your doing.

    Continued blessings,

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for the update! Best of luck with your schooling….keep us all in the loop! It was great to see you at the farmers market Saturday!

  4. Lori Wallschlaeger says:

    Best wishes for your upcoming classes Sam…you will shine, and this world will be fortunate to have you as an amazing MD!! Adorable pics of Ingrid btw!!
    Lori Wallschlaeger

  5. Nancy Jahn says:

    Your blog as always was great – entertaining to say the least. Blessing on the next challenging chapter in your life. We know you will meet up to everything you face with success.

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