Uno. Dos.


Doesn’t take that long to count to two does it? I guess you could even say it’s a bit anti-climatic.

Well, today marks the 2nd anniversary of my spinal cord injury, so I’ve got the number two on the brain. Yea, maybe counting to two is anti-climatic, but in my mind this number 2 mile marker has been everything but anti-climatic.

Injury anniversaries are always strange things. After all, I clearly know all about them because I’ve had so many (computers really need a sarcasm font). An injury anniversary is such a defining mark between the “what was” and the “what is” in a person’s life. Whether you want to or not, you can’t stop yourself from pausing and thinking back to the good ole days. Back to the days when curbs were just, well, there and you had a lot more bathroom stall options when you were out and about.

I’m sure everyone approaches those normal thoughts and reflections with a different attitude. We’re all unique individuals and our injuries affect our families and our own self in different ways. I guess it’d be pretty nuts to think everyone would feel the same about any number year of an injury anniversary. At the same time, I think those attitudes change and progress as the years do. Maybe certain experiences, certain people, certain whatever it may be during that year causes a shift in thinking.

My second year of spinal cord injury life has encompassed quite the experiences. Experiences, I can very honestly say I never imagined having in my life, let alone all in one year. Some experiences were awesome, others well, not so awesome. But that’s life right? Moments of excitement, moments of fear, moments of triumph, moments of failure–just a lotta lotta moments.

Moments like receiving a grant to purchase a racing chair and start training and learning from an epic paralympian (July).
Moments like being crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2015 after a week of competition in Long Beach, California (August).
Moments like learning how to drive again and purchasing my own vehicle–the famous hatch back with sliding doors (October) then taking my drivers test and passing on the first shot (January).
Moments like traveling out to South Dakota to go cross country and down hill skiing and then coming home and having to wait in security and wonder if I managed to get my mother arrested in the airport thanks to an epic souvenir (January).

Moments like those… Continue reading

So this is new

So it’s been a little while…whoops. But I promise you, I have a collection of good excuses for my delay. Sometimes life just gets crazy busy, you know? There’s a reason my little blog here is called “Never Sitting Still” because I honestly don’t know how to…somedays I swear I’ve got more going on now then I did before I was injured, which is kind of scary. That being said, my body decided to call a time out and I came down with one of those stupid spring colds. I’m feeling way better now, but initially it was like I got ran over by a bus….granted, that feels a bajillion times better than getting hit by a dead tree, but still. Yea, my terrible sense of humor is still here so I’m obviously doing okay:D

Post spinal cord injury, there are a lot of “new” things you find yourself having to learn how to do or simply doing as a part of your life now. I mean, when I was at Craig there were countless things they taught me that I always used to take for granted. Things like getting dressed, getting in and out of a vehicle/couch, and even something as basic sounding as how to maneuver my wheelchair and manage curbs/rough terrain. Since coming home I’ve done a few “new” things, usually just in the form of figuring out how to do something I never used to be able to (that’s what I call problem solving for independence:D). But this past week was one for the record books…

For starters, I made mention of receiving a grant for a racing chair a few weeks ago. Racing chairs are custom built for each athlete, like they’re made so they fit on your booty pretty snug. That being said, you have to get all measured to actually order the chair and since I’m pretty new to the whole racing world, I sought out some assistance in getting actual legit measurements. My assistance came in the form of a paralympian.


Yea, no big deal, I just spent an afternoon hanging out with a man who competed in Track and Field in both Barcelona and Bejiing. Talk about awesome. He’s even helping me really get going, laying out some workouts, getting properly positioned in the chair, having a good stroke technique, all of the stuff that’s really important to actually learning a new sport. I mean, I ran before, but this is so different, it’s like starting new again. Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream

So I’ve come off of my “I’m-a-princess-Mom-so-there” high which is probably a good thing–for everyone. I’m speaking to some high school students this week which is exciting and I already have a collection of other “events” in the works which is pretty cool. Gotta keep myself busy right? So I’ve been trying to figure out where I wanted to keep my crown when I wasn’t wearing it (Dad told me if I wore it to bed the tiara fairy might come and steal it) I think I found the perfect place on my dresser…


That little dude is a stuffed microbe. More specifically, he’s E coli:D I got him from some friends and he makes my life. I also think he looks pretty good in a crown. Man, am I strange, how many Miss Wheelchair’s can say they keep their crown on top of their stuffed microbe…

You know what else is strange? Dreams. Dreams are strange things, both the sleep related dreams and the what-in-the-world-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life dreams.  This post is about both kinds. Continue reading