Not Another “New Year’s” Post

So you’re probably expecting some kind of cliche post about the start of 2014, new years resolutions, and letting go of the past and moving on to whatever the future holds. But I’m no good at sticking with peoples expectations. I’m also no good at new years resolutions, I mean, why does it have to be January 1st to decide to start working towards a long term goal? I mean sure, there are things I plan to do and things I hope for in 2014, but in all honesty, I just hope 2014 packs a few less surprises then 2013 did. So….this is not another New Year’s post, but I do hope everyone has a super wonderful 2014!

So as a wheelchair newbie, its an interesting time of year. I mean I’ve never had to deal with snow and salt and wheels before, surprising, I know. Saying it’s simply “different” would be an understatement. It’s too bad that Wisconsin only has three seasons, winter, construction season, and not construction season because so far, winter and I aren’t on the friendliest of terms. The melting snow gets everywhere and it’s amazing how much salt flings itself onto my seat cushion. But eh, what are you gonna do. On the bright side, I get to make abstract art with my wet wheel tracks on the carpet of stores. Not to mention, snow can be pretty entertaining, especially when your sister and her boyfriend make this beauty in your front yard.IMG_0122

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